We Understand That Many Of Our Grills Are Passed Down From Generation To Generation And We Are Here To Help You Preserve Those Fond Grilling Memories!

What You Need to Know About Reconditioning Your Well Used Hasty-Bake Grill:

  • We Only Sandblast and/or Repowder-coat grills during the month of January. All other minor grill repairs will be performed throughout the year. We do not patch holes in grills.
  • Reconditioning can consist of Sandblasting and Repowder-coating your grill, or just replacing parts. It takes approximately 6-8 weeks to have your grill Sandblasted and Repowder-coated and 2-3 weeks to have general repairs done to your grill (not including shipping times).
  • We recondition Hasty-Bake grills at our Plant in Tulsa, Ok. You may bring the grill in to our store for a quote or have the grill shipped to us for a quote and repairs. If you live out of town, we Do Not pay for shipping expenses for any repair/reconditioning work done to your grill. It is your responsibility to have the grill boxed and safely shipped to our warehouse. You are also responsible for the shipping charges to return the repaired grill back to you.
  • We Do Not “clean” any grills so please do not expect your grill to come back spotless.
  • As a courtesy, we ask that you clean all of the ashes out of your grill before bringing it in for a quote. You may also keep any parts at home that do not need to be repaired and/or replaced.
  • We can repair any grill from an original 1948 model to a recent model.