BBQ Ribs – Best Ribs in Town

2 racks standard spare Ribs, 2 oz. Black Peppe,r 2 oz. Cumin, 2 oz. Lowry’s Seasoned Salt, 2 oz. Cayene Pepper, 6 oz. Raw minced Garlic, 16 to 20 oz. Curley’s BBQ Sauce

Combine all dry ingredients. Apply raw Minced garlic on spare ribs. Rub Dry mixed Ingredients onto spare ribs. Seal in plastic over nite in Fridge. Build Fire with Charcoal and have apporximatley 4 to 6 pounds of hardwood, pecan, hickory, oak and sweet maple. When coals are grey, add mixed wood. Place ribs on grill and sear each side until brown with some char. Set ribs off direct heat and cook for 1 to 1-1/2 hours at about 300 degrees. Add generous coating of BBQ Sauce and return to direct heat until sauce carmelizes. Add more sauce. Return to indirect heat. Close lid for 30 minutes.

Best Ribs in Town – Gauranteed!

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