Planked Salmon – Often Requested by friends

1/4c Olive oil, 1 1/2 lb Salmon filet or steaks, Salt & pepper

An alder plank big enough for the salmon, which can be bought from a specialty grocer or cut at a lumber yard that carries a variety of unseasoned woods. Believe me, it is worth the trouble to find.

Soak the plank 2 hours or overnight in water. -Dry the plank a bit and coat the top with oil -Rinse and pat the salmon dry. -Place salmon on the plank. If using a filet, place skin side down and score the top so the smoke flavor can pentrate. – Pat with the rest of the olive oil. – Salt & pepper to taste. – Place the plank with salmon on top of the grill over a medium fire and close the grill. – Wood will char on the bottom, producing the lovely alder smoke flavor and bronze color. – Cook until the salmon is done, about 20 minutes.

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