Grilled Chicken Hind Quarters

September 05, 2011

2nd Place Tie Grilled Dish in Hasty Bake BBQ Contest 6/19/10 Grilled Chicken Hind Quarters (Use fresh, never frozen chicken) Lightly brine for one hour (Kosher salt) its much less salty than table salt Marinate in Wish Bone dressing 15-30 minutes Stuff Greek and Herb seasoning under the skin Place on indirect heat on grill at 300 degrees (Roughly one hour) Pecan smoke When nearly done, (Done is when the skin and chicken looks like you want it to look) baste with Jack Daniels sauce, remove, place in serving dish, baste with sauce again. Jack Daniels sauce 2 cups Jack Daniels 3 large Yellow onions, minced 2 Minced chipotles 3 Tablespoons Brown sugar ¼ cup Worcestershire sauce 6 Tablespoons butter Cook this concoction down to where it is a paste (Add water, chicken stock or corn starch as needed for consistency)