Smoked Turkey

One 12-14 pound turkey, Butter, spices(dry rub), four celery stalks Dry rub: 2 Tbs onion powder 1 Tbs paprika 2 Tsp garlic powder 2 Tsp sea salt 2 Tsp black pepper 1/4 Tsp powdered cumin 1/2 Tsp powdered sage Hickory wood chunks (non food but big part of flavor) Fire up grill with charcoal while coals get red hot, prepare the turkey. Place butter under skin at neck, apply dry rub all over turkey and inside cavity, cut up celery and place in cavity. Add water soaked Hickory wood chunks to hot coals. Place turkey back side down on grill, insert heat shield and drop fire box to lowest level (smoker). Allow bird to smoke for three to four hours: grill temp at 250-300 degrees dependent on outside weather. Remove bird place in foil pan and cover with foil, return to grill and allow to bake for six more hours, good time to add more charcoal at this point, maintain temp around 250. Turkey will be flavorful and tender, enjoy.



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