Easy Fantastic Marinade for Hasty Bake

September 05, 2011

Chicken (thighs or breasts..bone in...bone-in thighs are a lot more forgiving!) OR, Pork Chops (center cut boneless or bone-in) "GOYA" MOJO CRIOLLO Marinade Chili Arbol Molido (ground Chili Arbol) and wine (for marinade and chef and staff!!!). NOTE: the Mojo Crillo & Chili Arbol are available in Southern California grocery stores or on-line. Marinade: Mix Mojo Grillo + Chile Arbol + wine in a gallon freezer bag. Top off the bag with Grillo after you put the meat in (leave enough room to close the bag but fill it to the top so marinade covers all!). IMPORTANT: Use a heaping tablespoon of Chili Arbol (or level for less spicy). Splash in 1/4 cup white wine. MARINADE FOR 2-3 DAYS! Always use Hasty Bake lump charcoal (sooooo much better than propane or cheap briquettes!!!). For pork chops cook quickly by bringing up the Hasty Bake fire pan and opening the vents. For chicken, lower the Hasty Bake fire pan, use the fire baffle, close the vents ~50% (you will have to experiment with this) to cook more slowly. You will not believe what an extravagant and robust flavor you get from this dish!!!!!!!! Spicy, so be sure your guests are ready! Goes very well with salad, steamed vegetables and rice (or if you don't have a weight problem like I do try scalloped potatoes or twice baked potatoes!)