Tom Brokaw and Tom Turkey (Grilling Grant's Way Cookbook)

September 05, 2011

1 fresh turkey-butterflied, 2 cups fresh lime juice (or substitute Key Lime juice), 1 stick butter, sea salt, freshly cracked black pepper A while back, Tom Brokaw called the Hasty-Bake office to order a replacement part for his grill. This wasn't news - we knew Brokaw was a longtime fan. (One story goes that he gave a Hasty-Bake to fellow "Nightly News" colleague John Chancellor upon the legend's retirement from NBC. Not a bad parting gift, if we do say so.) Still, when it's Brokaw, you get a little excited. Naturally, with the book project (Grilling Grant's Way: Cooking Over Coals Cookbook) underway, we decided to write to him, to see if he'd be interested in making a contribution. His reply went like this: "Our favorite HB recipe is a grilled turkey. We butterfly it, wash in in lime juice and butter, and grill it over high heat, bone down, for 75 minutes. Hope this helps!" - Tom Brokaw Well, it didn't hurt. We took Mr. Brokaw's recipe and fleshed out some of the details (which you will find in the book), figuring a man on Brokaw's schedule would leave the salt and pepper to us. In fact, according to his assitant, Maureen Fitzgerald, Tom typed his recipe one morning before a meeting with Colin Powell. We don't know if Colin Powell grills on a Hasty-Bake or not, but maybe his buddy Tom will give him a present someday. -Insert from Grilling Grant's Way: Cooking Over Coals Cookbook