Bone In Pork Loin

September 05, 2011

1st Place Smoked Dish in Hasty Bake BBQ Contest 6/19/10 French the bones, tie the loin with butcher’s twine snugly to make a nice round shape. Brine for 12-16 hours Brine 3 quarts water 1 cup Kosher salt 1 cup Molasses 1 cup maple syrup or honey (I used maple syrup) Boil the salt into the water. Let cool. Add syrup and molasses. When cool, add pork loin and brine in refrigerator. Place on 300 degree indirect heat grill (hickory smoke) At about 30 minutes, turn it over and insert remote meat thermometer Cook to 120 degrees internal temperature Remove, cover, and let meat rest for 30-45 minutes At 3-5 minutes before serving, slice into one inch chops or steaks. Place back on a hot grill for grill marks. (Roughly 30 seconds, then turn 90 degrees. Then do the same thing on the other side of the chop.) Lightly dust with your favorite salt flavoring.