Bacon Wrapped Spicy Smoke Stuffed Jalapeno & Onion Pork Tenderloins

September 05, 2011


Grill, charcoal & hardwood (your choice)-Wild Black Cherry used here 2 pork tenderloins, thin sliced bacon & toothpicks, 3 large jalapenos, 1 medium sweet onion, zesty Italian dressing, red pepper flakes, black pepper Clean and core jalapenos saving seeds for later use and slice onion cutting into strips. Then clean pork tenderloins by cutting off excess fat and tendon skin. With a very sharp knife butterfly them length ways and lay out flat on cookie sheet. Pour on some of the Italian dressing and sprinkle with jalapeno seeds to your taste. Add peppers and onions in a way that you will be able to fold back over and wrap with bacon. Fold and wrap with bacon strips using toothpicks to keep bacon in place while grilling. Cover both sides with more Italian, red pepper flakes and black pepper to taste. Cover and put in refrigerator until next day to marinate. Next day they are ready for the grill with smoke. Do not put directly over coals. Bacon grease will cause fire. Instead, cook them slow and away from direct heat with a little wood on the coals for smoke flavor. This is kind of neat, when the bacon looks like you could eat it then the pork tenderloins in most cases are done too. Helps take some of the guessing out. Sliced tenderloin picture attached. I don't own a Hasty-Bake yet, but have been around them and cooked on them off and on since the Summer of 1979. Luckily many of my friends have one. Over many years and many smokers I've never cooked on a better smoker than a Hasty-Bake. You all truly have the very best smokers on the market.

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