Filled Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin

September 05, 2011


1 pork tenderloin marinated in teriyaki sauce (I use Hormel brand teriyaki pork tenderloin), 1 package thick sliced bacon, 1/2 bar Philadelphia cream cheese-(sliced like butter tabs), 1 Jalapeno pepper-(de-seeded and sliced into slivers) Marinate the pork tenderlion for at least 3 hours ahead of time (unless buying the already marinated brand). Butterfly the pork tenderlion length wise. Fill length with jalapeno and cream cheese slivers. Close up the tenderlion and tightly wrap bacon around the tenderlion (overlay edges of bacon so the filling is sealed in). Use long tooth picks to secure the bacon in place as you wrap it. Grill on your Hasty bake @ 200-250 degrees, medium height, for approx. 40 minutes. Please make sure pork is cooked throughly. No pink should show.

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