Smith fall apart, lip smacking ribs..

September 05, 2011

As many racks of baby back ribs you need, Head Country seasoning, Lowery's seasoning, Montreal Steak seasoning, Grill mates Pork seasoning, brown sugar, butter, honey, and your favorite BBQ sauce Take your ribs and turn them over, pull off the layer of membrane on the back by starting at one end and pull them completely off. Put a healthy amount of seasonings on it, I just play it by ear. I cover both sides and let sit for an hour or so to let those spices soak in. Then brush on your favorite BBQ sauce and let that soak for some time, usually about an hour. Then get your grill going. I prefer charcoal and only get half the grill going good and hot. Sear the meat cooking on both sides at a high temp until both sides are good and brown and have that charred steak look. Now you wrap them up in Tin foil to slow things down. Make sure to put a stick of butter on the top to keep them moist. Put the wrapped ribs on the cold side of the grill and let them run for a while. After 20 or so minutes pull them out and add some brown sugar, then some honey, wrap them back up and let them run for as long as you dare. The longer you run them the better they get. When it is time for dinner, you must open them up, cut them with a butter knife and ring the bell. An important note to keep in mind is make plenty because once you start you can't stop. And what you don't eat you can wrap up and heat up later. They only get better and better. The secret is to keep em' wet during cooking. This makes them juicy and delicious.