Jerk Salmon

September 13, 2011

1 - 1# to 1.5# boneless salmon filet with skin on one side, 1 - teaspoon Busha Brownes Jerk Seasoning (or like product), 1 - tablespoon virgin olive oil Prepare Hasty-Bake Grill to 170-190 degrees. Raise coals to about an inch from highest position. Rinse salmon filet with cold water and pat dry. Mix olive oil and jerk seasoning together. Let sit for five minutes and then spread evenly over top of fish. Let sit for 15-30 minutes. Pam (oil) grill and place fish over coals for about 22 minutes skin side down. Depending on the thickness of the filet or your preferences, you may choose to flip the filet for a final two additional minutes. Remove from grill, let sit for two minutes and then remove each portion using a spatula and leaving the (burnt) skin. Feeds 2-3 people. Enjoy!