Simple Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers

Twelve large jalapeno peppers. One 16 oz can of low fat refried beans. Two 8 oz packages of grated Mexican cheese. Bacon. Remove the stem end of the Jalapenos and remove the seed core from the open end then poke a small hole for drainage in the other end of the pepper using a tooth pick. Mix together equal amounts of the grated cheese and low fat refried beans then fill the prepared peppers. Cut four strips of bacon into thirds then place the cut strips over the open end of peppers and secure with toothpicks. Use left-over mix to serve with tortilla chips for appetizers. Prepare Hasty Bake Grill for indirect cooking by placing charcoal at opposite end of grill or use deflector. Grill temperature can be low or high depending on other items being cooked at the same time. Place peppers in holes of pepper grill, small end down, and use aluminum foil with edges turned up under peppers to catch drippings. The small hole in the end lets the pepper drain. Cook for 45 minutes on low heat or 20 minutes on high until bacon is brown. Longer cooking times tend to make milder flavor. Put these on the grill a few minutes before starting some hamburgers or cook along side some ribs or pork roast.



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