Hasty Bake HB:250 Grill Walk-Thru

October 30, 2020

An in-depth walk-thru of the features of the new HB:250, along with some tips and tricks to using and prolonging the life and appearance of your new favorite grill.

The HB:250 Pro is the go-to Hasty Bake for competition steak cookers. Designed in partnership with several world championship competitors in the Steak Cookoff Association (SCA), the HB:250 is extremely versatile, with precision intake and exhaust vents, a two-position firebox (7" or 4.5" from cooking grate), and a slide-in heat deflector that gives you the ability to sear on one side and bake your steak to perfection on the other. It comes equipped with a carry handle and latch for convenient transport. Cleanout is easy, with a removable firebox and ash pan to dump your coal and be on the road in minutes. Boasting Hasty Bake/SCA partnership badging, the HB:250 ships with custom GrillGrate-brand cooking grates and an elevated extender to get your food off the grates and achieve a full 150-degrees of difference from the searing position. Weighing just 30 lbs., the HB:250 is the competition cooker's dream, combining value, versatility, and the Hasty Bake flavor that has taken the SCA by storm.