Here is Why People are Calling Hasty-Bake the Best Charcoal Grill

by Jennifer Caudle
Here is Why People are Calling Hasty-Bake the Best Charcoal Grill

Since 1948, Hasty-Bake has mastered the skill of creating an innovative, and efficient charcoal grill. The distinctive design features allow grillers to cook an array of food at different temperatures. What makes Hasty-Bake stand out from the rest? The charcoal grills contain a lift mechanism, a ventless hood, and a fire door, allowing Hasty-Bake grills to be a leader in the industry.

The lift mechanism is the number one feature on the grill. Allowing 14 inches of travel, this device stops two inches below the food. Using indirect heat and a heat deflector, the lift mechanism turns the grill into a national convection oven. Lower the box to the lowest position possible and your grill will be the best charcoal grill on the market.

Hasty-Bake Owners Manual  (PDF Download)

Entrap heat and smoke with the ventless hood. Here, there is no room for a smoke stack or exhaust. The hood allows the temperature to stay consistent throughout every direction of the grill, front-to-back, and left-to-right.

Adding wood chips or charcoal has never been easier with the Hasty Bake fire door. The full access door allows you to maintain the fire without having the grill hood open.

Instructional videos can be found on our website.

Hasty-Bake is the best charcoal grill around because we have proven to stand through time. The durable features have lasted over ten years plus. “My dad had one then passed it down to me. The grill is over 30 years plus. It has seen many BBQ’s and smoking turkeys. It is still running strong.” – Monica and Phil Ramos, Thornton, CO.

Outdoor cooks rave about the ease of use of our products. “My only regret was waiting 25 years to purchase my Legacy model Hasty Bake. It was an instant success on my first cookout. While being an avid outdoor cook for years, the taste of the foods and ease of use of your grills is simply outstanding. That is why this oven is the king.” – Frank Morris, Tulsa

The Hasty-Bake charcoal grill is designed to cook a variety of foods. “I’ve had my grill for two months now. Every time I use it, I love it more. This thing is great. Requires a good bit of attention, but it cooks some of the best food I’ve ever eaten. I have been searching for the right charcoal grill for 20 years and have finally found it. Ribs, brisket, Boston butt, burgers or whatever, the food comes out great.” – Randy Clark

For more customer reviews, visit our grill review and testimonial page.

Test the power of this charcoal grill by trying some of these popular recipes. To cook Hasty-Bake Signature Chicken, utilize the lift mechanism to use indirect heat. Cook this delicious chicken in five easy steps. The complete recipe can be found here.

Grill Simple Smoked Salmon with White Wine Dill Sauce on your charcoal grill smoker. The delectable entrée is best cooked with cherry or apple wood. Control the fire with the accessible fire door. The full salmon filet recipe can be found on our website.

Charcoal Grill Rib Recipe

Dan Potter’s Hasty-Bake Barbecued Ribs and Spicy Rub are best prepared when the charcoal grill maintains a consistent temperature. The ventless hood comes in handy when smoking these tasty ribs on the grill. Step-by-step instructions for these savory ribs are listed on the website.

Finish off the perfect meal with Toasted Angel Food Cake with Grilled Peaches. The light and fruity cake can be prepared and baked in less than an hour. For more specifications, see here.

Hasty-Bake grills are available in eight different models. Sizes vary, as well as color. Shop our collection of Charcoal Grills online or visit our website to find a local dealer near you.

by Jennifer Caudle


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