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Chris Huerta
Love it

I've had it for two weeks and used it 4 times already. Brisket and ribs came out amazing! Love it

William Haney
Great small to mid size charcoal grill

I love my continental 84. It’s the perfect size for cooking a smaller dinner for just my fiancé and I or the neighbors. Gets really hot if you need it too and the upper rack is awesome for grilling veggies while whatever your main dish is cooking. Great every day grill would consider getting something bigger or you cook for 8+ regularly

Perfect for a small patio.

Creates great smoke. I love having 2 levels for food. The smaller cooking surface has caused me to rethink how to best use the product. I have done some sous vide grilling which has turned out amazing results. Very happy with the purchase. It made extreme heat the first few times I used it. I had to cut back on the charcoal and close the vents way down. In the past I was always trying to get the grill to go hotter, now I have to turn it down. I prefer this problem.

Michael Thoma
Deeply disappointed

I have had a love affair with my Hasty Bake Gourmet with a the powder steel lower half for about 15 years. I wanted an all stainless model, but thought maybe I could get away with the Continental. I fired it up for the first time today. THe fire box stuck in the lift. The front shelf warped in the heat. And the whole side of the front seemed to warp with the heat. I will try again with a smaller fire to see if that solves the problem. I never had to baby my Gourmet. I never thought a HastyBake product would be flimsy. I’m deeply disappointed.

Hi Michael! The Continental is made from the same thickness of material as your Gourmet. New users of stainless grills often realize that their first handful of fires burn very hot due to the shiny steel inside reflecting the heat. Once its seasoned, it will be much easier to maintain a lower temperature. A smaller fire is the way to go until you learn the unit. Hopefully by now you're comfortable with the fire management on the grill. If you're still struggling, head over to our youtube page where we offer a 30 min class on Fire Management. Thanks for being a Hasty Bake customer!

phil kulik

Continental 84