Continental 84 Stainless Steel Charcoal Grill

  • Surface cooking space: 504 square inches
  • (289 sq. in. primary cooking area)
  • Overall dimensions: 23"W x 16"D x 43"H
  • 20 gauge stainless steel hood with 3/16" tempered glass
  • Stainless steel front and side work tables
  • Weight: 110 lbs.

Model 84 (Stainless Steel)

  • 20 gauge polished 304 stainless steel base
  • 18 and 12 gauge stainless steel lift and fire box
  • Stainless steel primary cooking surface
  • 10 year parts/workmanship warranty

    $ 1,549.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Amazing! Small Can Be Better It is RUGGED Like a 4wd!

Please buy this if you are looking or considering. My favorite use is A really lean roast or a tri tip. Sear the meat up super close and hot then lower and smoke for however long I want. Chill the meat and use a deli slicer and everything is fantastic! You can do chicken and corn the same way. Tortillas heat up perfectly. Being able to move the fire box and close the lid for smoke makes this cooker a dream. It is built like a tank! I'm tired of buying items that are expensive and they are just shoddy. This is a small beast. I hung jerky and smoked that lowering the firebox. A swiss knife for sure. Buy it I waited too long, my only regret.

Love It

Decided to jump into deep end and smoke a 7 lb pork butt as first use. Beautiful. So easy to adjust temp and hood thermometer was surprisingly accurate - always within 5 degrees of electronic temp gun. It all worked as advertised. Buy with confidence.

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