Grilling Ideas

Where Can I Find the Best Summer Grilling Recipes?

Summer is just around the corner and the idea of a backyard BBQ with friends and family is sounding better and better. You can always throw a few burgers or hot dogs on the fire, but if you’re looking for new, exciting grilling ideas or even some fun twists on your favorite classics, where should you look?

For the best summer grilling ideas, go straight to the experts at Hasty-Bake. The Hasty-Bake team has been making incredible charcoal ovens since 1948. Our nearly 70 years of experience has led to a huge catalog of tried-and-true recipes that take full advantage of our multi-tasking grill, baking, and smoking system. From spicy jerk chicken that will perk up your guests’ palates in a flash, to cast-iron crab cakes and tomato and garlic rubbed baguettes that take full advantage of bright seasonal ingredients, our favorite dishes are packed with flavor and sure to be a hit.

Check out everything from baking inspiration to seasonings and rubs on our Hasty-Bake recipes page.

Does Hasty-Bake Offer a Collection of Charcoal Grilling Ideas and Recipes? 

When it comes to charcoal grilling ideas, Hasty-Bake has you covered. We’re big fans of charcoal grilling in general – it’s far easier to execute than people realize and that signature flavor is just out of this world. There’s nothing quite like a juicy prime rib roast wreathed in a deep, smoky aroma and you haven’t truly lived until you've tasted our cherry-smoked brie. Even your own tried-and-true recipes will benefit from the cooking innovations offered by Hasty-Bake grills – try it and see!

The best grilling recipes bring something special to the table, turning even ordinary occasions into something extraordinary. Beef up a weekday dinner, transform a graduation party into an unforgettable bash, or have a pool party complete with lip-smacking appetizers like blue cheese bacon-wrapped dates and grilled pretzels. It all starts with a Hasty-Bake grill of your own, so check out our catalog and bring one home today!

How Do I Find Grilling Ideas to Use with My New Hasty-Bake?

Now that you’ve picked out your new Hasty-Bake, you need some stellar grilling ideas so you can put your charcoal oven to good use. Will you start with something sweet? Something savory? Will you try your hand at baking or experiment with different types of wood chips, or are you the kind of grill aficionado that heads straight for amped up classics like a rubbed brisket or beer can chicken? 

The good news is that you can try all of the above and more! Hasty-Bake grills are crafted with built-in thermometers, ventless hoods, grease drain systems, fire boxes, heat deflectors, and more, all of which help you control heat so you get the ideal cook each and every time.

Our signature Hasty-Bake features make it easier than ever to make recipes for the grill that sing with flavor. Check out the key design aspects that have helped make our company an industry leader for decades.

What Are Some of the Top Grilling Ideas for Summer?

Summer is a great time to beat the heat by ditching your indoor oven in favor of some al fresco cooking and dining. Look for grilling ideas that emphasize fresh ingredients you can find at your local farmers' market or even your own garden – of course the grocery store has great options, too. A Hasty-Bake grill will bring out each item’s natural qualities using a combination of direct and indirect heat, smoke, and low-and-slow cooking.

Take your summer charcoal grilling skills to the next level with grill recipes like chicken or pork slathered in Chipotle Strawberry BBQ Sauce, tortilla chips dunked in Pit Buddies Smoked Salsa VerdeGrilled Lobster Tails with a refreshing side of Turmeric Roasted Carrots and Dandelion Greens and more. With a Hasty-Bake on hand, the world is your oyster – and yes, you can cook those too!