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Jon y
best grill on the market

I grill, bake bread, smoke, rotisserie and even broiling fish. I had every grill from pellet to side smokers, and none of them are as versatile as Hasty-Bake.
Just a small amount of real wood coal will get the oven to 325 deg .

Best charcoal grill I've ever used.

I've had mine for 4 years now and I grill a lot. Black paint is pealing off the front. No big deal. I'll touch it up soon. I keep mine clean and covered when not in use. For just the wife and myself it's big enough for most things. I smoke with it a lot. I grill steaks and burgers a lot. I occasionally rotisserie chickens or game hens. Even though it's usually used for two people, I wish I'd gotten the bigger one, especially for the rotisserie which frequently seems cramped. The upper grate helps make do in a pinch when other people are over, but the bigger grill would be nice. After wanting a Hasty Bake for a couple of decades I finally decided I wasn't getting any younger and they weren't getting any cheaper. I'm glad I finally bought one.

Robert Meinke
Great grill, but very difficult to sear

Due to the position of the grease drip rail, the coals can't be raised high enough to sear and darken corn on the cob or steaks, etc. It really is mostly a charcoal oven. Also, the coals stay relatively cool unless the side door is left open. Otherwise, great design and easy to use.

mark Montifiore1

Continental 83 Dual Finish Charcoal Grill

Kristina Murphy
Continental Hasty Bake Grill

My Birthday/Mother’s Day gift to myself, arrived! Be sure to watch the videos of how to use the grill! I used the hardwood charcoal to a minimum amount with the Starter fluid. The coals took on heat immediately! I cooked 8 thick hamburgers, then brought them inside and cooked more hamburgers and 6 thin slices of beef, which cooked on the upper grill. Adjusting the charcoal element, allowed the meat to be cooked throughout without burning. The grease tray was full of residue from the fats. The hamburgers were AMAZING!
This takes me back 68 years when my dad owned one, while living in Oklahoma, and his steaks were always delicious!....back in the 50’s and 60’s.
I love the upper deck, which is a full size grill! It did the job, as if the meats were on the main grill.
Cleaning the grill, the morning after was a breeze! The double grilling racks were easy to remove and wash with soap and water. Take care of your grill right after usage. Do not overload with hardwood charcoal, when starting the fire for your grill. It is not necessary with the small amount of area inside the Continental Grill.
Louisiana, here, now....and we cook/grill all the time!
Well worth the INVESTMENT! I have used other grills which have fallen apart through the years....I decided to go back to the real thing! Yes, there is a big difference in the taste or flavor, while using the Hasty Bake! It is large enough for cooking for 4-6 people...depending on the cut of meat....could be enough for 8 people. It is a small grill....perfect for me!
The quality of the stainless steel is excellent! Easy to wipe clean!
Thank God, Hasty Bake is still in business! You cannot go wrong with Hasty Bake. Grill like a king and use the crank handle so to adjust to how ‘done’ you want your meats to be cooked. Enjoy!