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Extremely pleased - Highly recommend

There is something almost magical about what happens to food cooked on a Hasty Bake. I have been cooking on a Hasty Bake for over 35 years (I owned an original "Boomer" the former name of the Legacy 131) from the 1950's, which I might add would be in use still today had I stored it properly for the entirety of my ownership...but that's another story. The Hasty Bake 256 is priced higher than its modern contemporary "competitors" although in reality it's only true competitors are other Hasty Bake ovens. I could have purchased pretty much any pit I wanted to up to $2000 USD, but chose the Gourmet 256 because of my desire to replicate the unmatched taste, texture and quality of the food I remembered making from my original Hasty Bake. Food that has literally (and accurately) been described from my friends as "it really melts in your mouth" and I am thrilled to say the Gourmet 256 has fully met my high expectations. I have a few friends and relatives who own other VERY popular smokers or handmade pits, some who are satisfied, some who are not - but none of the food I have tried so far from these inferior (temporary) cookers can even compare to that of my Hasty Bake, which to me is what makes the additional investment of the Gourmet 256 worth the additional cost. When I contemplate my choice of the Hasty Bake above other smokers - I consider the time-tested simplicity of the Hasty Bake design without the need for unnecessary motherboards & electronics (which btw will all eventually need replacement),expensive wood pellets and its track record, I feel very confident and pleased in my decision and have zero regrets - the bottom line - Nothing cooks like a Hasty Bake !!

Love it.

I bought a new Hasty Bake grill after using our old one for 30 years. Love it. Our first meal on it was a Rotisserie chicken. Wonderful. -Miller Williams


I have had this grill for about 3 years now, and absolutely love it. I am in Michigan, and use it about 275-300 times a year, hot, cold, sun, rain, snow...does not matter. Build quality is superb. Heat retention and temp control are both very good. One hint regarding the glass window, every 2 or 3 cooks I spray with Fantastic, let it sit a bit, then scrub with a non scratch sponge. Keep up on it, and it cleans pretty easy. Highly recommended, well worth the money, and works wonderfully!


I’m very proud of my purchase always will be


This is a great cooker. Very versatile and easy to control the temperature. I cooked a steak and rotisseried a chicken. Both were great. I have a Traeger Timberline, a Kamado Joe, a Blackstone griddle, and this. Now the problem is what do I cook on this time.