Suburban 414/415 Grill Cover


Black silk-screened cover with white Hasty-Bake logo. Made of WeatherMax 80 material. Each cover is designed to fit your particular Hasty-Bake model. Because WeatherMax 80 fabrics are designed to be breathable, they are water repellent, but not completely waterproof.  They also allow the condensation that builds up inside your grill to breathe out, thus helping to eliminate mildew or rust.

NOTE: You will have to remove the front work table and place it inside your grill before putting the cover on the grill. 

Suburban Model NOTE: The Suburban grill comes standard with a push handle, which can be made into a longer push handle to fit the side table. The small side table can be added at an additional charge.

That being said, the Suburban covers are designed for the longer push handle so there will be some slack in the cover if your grill push handle is kept at the shorten length. 

This grill cover only fits models 414/415 Suburban (This grill is 23" in length) 


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Seems well made and fits perfectly.

Worthwhile Investment

I bought this cover shortly after buying my Suburban over 4 years ago. It fits perfectly although it does take a bit of effort to get it on by myself. I think 2 people might be easier. I like that it stays put even in Very windy conditions and yet allows air flow to keep the grill moisture-free.


We love the grill! But the cover does not fit well, it is hard to get on and doesn’t go down

Hi there, we're sorry about the confusion on the cover. By design, we want the cover to fit as snug as possible, so as not to allow wind to catch extra fabric and weaken the cover. It does take a little effort to get on, but hopefully the payoff is a cover that lasts a long time and truly protects your grill! Thanks for your purchase!

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