Hasty-Bake Annual BBQ Contest – Open to the Public

Registration is currently full, to be placed on the waiting list, please call the showroom at 1-800-4AN-OVEN.


Join Us for the “6th Annual Hasty Bake Owners BBQ Contest” to be held on Saturday, May 9th, 2015 from 10am till a winner is announced.

Offsite parking is mandatory – Security will be located at the entrance of the one-hour parking lot to assist you with maps, etc. during move-in/check-in time.  Parking is limited so entrants will need to unload grills and equipment and move vehicle(s) to the contestant parking area.  Team members, family, friends, and general public will be asked to park at the OK Heart Institute parking lot, located at 1265 S. Utica Ave, Tulsa, OK, and ride the complimentary shuttle to Hasty-Bake.  

Cooking Demos begin at 10:30am with Ken Schafer from Boston Deli Grill and Market, followed by 3 Guys Smokin’ at noon til 1:30pm.  

Hasty-Bake Owners are welcome to enter. Registration begins January 1, 2015 and more information will be posted on the website soon


General Rules:
This contest is held exclusively for Hasty-Bake Grill owners only! No gas grills or other grills allowed.
Contest will be open to approximately 30 teams
Entry fee is $50, which includes 2 t-shirts and a set amount of Hasty Bake Charcoal. Additional t-shirts can be ordered for $10/each.

Contest will be held on Saturday, May 9th, at 1313 S. Lewis Ave
Judges will be local celebrities and BBQ enthusiasts

The Grand Prize winner will receive a brand new Hasty-Bake Gourmet Dual Finish, model 256 (valued at $1,399)
Second Place Over-All will receive a Hasty-Bake Legacy Powder-Coated Charcoal Grill, model 131 (valued at $999)
Third Place Over-All will receive a Hasty-Bake Suburban Powder-Coated Charcoal Grill, model 414 (valued at $799)
Plaques will be given for 1st Place in the best Grilled and in the best Smoked categories
Ribbons will be given for 2nd/3rd Place in the best Grilled and in the best Smoked categories
A $100 Hasty Bake Gift Certificate will go to the entrant that cooks on the oldest Hasty Bake grill (Previous winners in the oldest grill category are excluded)

Only Hasty Bake Brand Charcoal Ovens may be used to cook food
All cooking must be done on site (off site pre-seasoning is allowed)
Registration will be confirmed ONLY after entry fee is paid and entry form is submitted.
Hasty Bake Hardwood charcoal must be used as a fuel source and a set amount of charcoal will be provided complementary with registration

Additional smoking wood can be used at the discretion of the competitor
Blind judging techniques will be used to ensure fair scoring
Food must fit into turn in container, and have (6) individual servings
Early check in is 7:30am
Teams must be checked in by 10:00am
Grilled food turn in time is 1:55pm. Smoked food turn in time is 2:55pm

Entries will be judged based upon Taste, Tenderness, and Appearance. Scores are based upon a rating scale of Poor (3) through Excellent (9). Scores from grilled and smoked entries will be added together for a final score
Garnish is optional. If used, it is limited to chopped, sliced, shredded or whole leaves of fresh green lettuce, curly parsley, flat leaf parsley and/or cilantro. Kale, endive, red tipped lettuce, lettuce cores and other vegetation are prohibited. Improper garnish shall receive a score of one (1) on Appearance.

Sauce is optional. If used, it shall be applied directly to the meat and not be pooled or puddled in the container. No side sauce containers will be permitted in the turn-in container. Chunky sauce will be allowed. Chunks are to be no larger than a fine dice, approximately 1/8 inch cubed. Sauce violations shall receive a score of one (1) on Appearance
Anyone acting inappropriately will be disqualified, at the discretion of Hasty Bake management
Each entrant will have one 8′ table and one 10’x10′ tent. These will be assigned on a first come first serve basis, and entrants are required to keep their space clean and free of trash

If an entrant is unable to bring a Hasty Bake, one can be rented for $50 for the event, and that cost deferred if the unit is purchased

Entrants are encouraged to invite friends and family to attend and create a backyard BBQ atmosphere; however, no trailers, RV’s or Stereo music is allowed

2014 Contest Results

We want to send a big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in Hasty-Bake’s 5th Annual BBQ Contest! This year was the best one yet, and we hope to see you all again next year! Congratulations again to all of our winners, the top 3 were as follows:

1.) Mom Ems- Brian Massey
2.) Smoke On Wheels- Andy Groneman
3.) San Jac BBQ- Mike Finke

For Pictures visit our Facebook photo album > https://www.facebook.com/media/set/contast-pictures

2013 Contest Results

Best Overall:


5O Clock Somewhere



Best Grilled:


Mom Em's Team

Mom Em’s Team


Best Smoked:


Check out picture from the 2013 contest by Joe price – Hasty-Bake Cook-off 2013

2012 Contest Results

Best Overall:

1. 5’O Clock Somewhere (Sean Walker)
2. Kinsmoke (Matt DeVoe)
3. Trase Amigos (Trase Mahan)

Best Grilled:

1. 5’O Clock Somewhere (Sean Walker)
2. Trase Amigos (Trase Mahan)
3. Tim’s Tailgate BBQ Team (Tim Pregler)

Best Smoked:

1. BBQueens (Leigh Rai Keathley)
2. 5’O Clock Somewhere (Sean Walker)
3. Kinsmoke (Matt DeVoe)

2011 Contest Results:

Best Overall:
1 – Trase Mahan
2 – 5 O’Clock Somewhere
3 – Know Bull

Best Grilled:
1 – Trase Mahan
2 – Beer: 30 BBQ
3 – Tim Bewley

Best Smoked:
1 – Team Davison
2 – Know Bull
3 – Apocalypse Cow

2010 Contest Results

Best Overall:
1 – Steve Davison
2 – Tim Bewley
3 – Matthew Devoe

Best Grilled:

1 – Greg Davis
2 – Tie – Tom Cummins & Steve Davison
4 – Mac Butcher

Best Smoked:
1 – Steve Davison
2 – Shane Herrington
3 – Tim Pregler