Experience the one-of-a kind taste of charcoal cooked bbq straight off a Hasty-Bake Grill at Burn Co. Barbeque in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Since 1948, Hasty-Bake has been offering top notch stainless barbecue grills to the public with family like customer service and guaranteed products. Our dedication to our stainless barbecue grill line and years of workmanship makes Hasty-Bake one of the top grill manufacturers in the USA.
Hasty-Bake Barbeque grills and smokers allow the taste of charcoal without the flare ups and burning food that you have come to expect from other sub-par charcoal grill manufacturers. Our Stainless steel charcoal grill line not only looks good, but provides the best tasting food and usability, time and time again for years to come. Choose from our models below and we guarantee you will not be disappointed.
Outdoor cooking with Hasty-Bake charcoal smokers gives a new meaning to great tasting food! Our charcoal smoker line is very user friendly and will give you full control over your fire, heat and taste. Try one of our top notch charcoal smokers today and find out what you have been missing. There are thousands of charcoal smokers on the market today so it can definitely be tough finding the right one for you. That is why Hasty-Bake has come up with a charcoal smoker line that has a right model for anyone from the backyard cook to someone with a outdoor kitchen that costs as much as their house. Our innovative charcoal smoker line is great for the backyard chef or even the person that wants to take the gold in the next BBQ cook-off. If you are serious about the way your BBQ tastes and how its cooked, choose one of our charcoal smokers. Some of the features include a huge cooking area, controllable fireboxes and other great additions that will last a lifetime. Hasty-Bake Charcoal Smokers help you cook meats, veggies or anything else you can throw on a grill with ease. From built in Charcoal smokers to cart models, Hasty-Bake has the Charcoal Smoker you are looking for and need.
Hasty-Bake knows the importance of great tasting food at your outings and that is why we have poured our heart and soul into our charcoal barbecue grills. With features such as stainless steel cooking surfaces, individually controlled fireboxes, warming racks, etc... We know you will find the charcoal barbecue grill of your dreams.
Hasty-Bake offers top notch, professional grade barbecue grills that deliver the great flavor of charcoal and delivers outstanding results, every time. No matter if you are a weekend only cooker or want a full blown outdoor kitchen, we have the right barbecue grill for you. Whether you cook just on the weekends or you are a host at a huge bash, Hasty-Bake has the right barbecue grill for you. Our barbecue grills come with an array of features and specs and we can back them up by telling you about the awards and cook-offs that we have won, but you still have to try them for yourself. Hasty-Bake takes pride in offering barbecue grills that you will never want to leave. Not only does our barbecue grill line cook perfect food, it is also very durable and will last a very long time.