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I just received and install my new cooking surface grates and a new grease drain and I now have a new Gourmet. Thanks so much for having the proper spare parts. This is most appreciated and keep the good works. Don Merritt

I moved from Texas Hill country to Bainbridge Island WA in 2002 and set about kicking up stuff to make life right. One of my first of many great finds at a garage sale was my Gourmet. I asked the fella'how much he wanted for the pit and he replied, "Do you know what that is? Yessir, sez I. Well we are the only two guys on this Island that do and I don't want this to go to some jerk that won't appreciate it, $11.00." I almost tore my pocket off and it is still with us 'till death do us part in Taos. Thanks Mister. There is a foot of snow on the cover right now but I still might shovel it out before spring. Ed Thomas - Taos, NM

I thought I would share a quick story....I remember for years going over to my grandparents house for afternoon cookouts, and my grandfather being so happy and eager to show off what he could do on his Hasty Bake Legacy grill, and the amazing steaks, chicken, and fish he always prepared...Well, fast forward 20 years later, and grandma and grandpa don't need as big a grill anymore, so he gave it to me....Well, the best gift I could have given him was just last week, when my family had them over for an afternoon cookout. We did filet on?...... you guessed it, his Hasty Bake Legacy Grill. I could just see in his eyes the happiness he had standing over that grill again, teaching his "not so young anymore" grandson how to cook. I decided to give him the fork ;) It was truly a great day....one I will never forget, and it all revolved around a grill. Thank you Hasty Bake, for adding to those special times I will always cherish. Jay Cross - Buffalo, NY

First time I was invited for dinner at my future wife's folks, in about 1959, they fixed ribs on their Hasty Bake. I couldn't stop eating them! About 1964, they gave us a Hasty Bake, new. Since then, that rib recipie, done on the Bake, has gotten husbands for my 2 daughters! Dallas - Enid, OK.

Dear Hasty-Bake, I just wanted you to know that while your Hasty-Bake is a little more expensive than other grills I could have purchased, I felt a pull to support your company... a Tulsa company that began making these in 1948, just 4 years after I was born in Tulsa. So, when I was 4 years old, Hasty-Bake began. I graduated from Edison High School when it was one of the city's newest schools. And now that I have been living on the East Coast for the last 42 years reporting for ABC News and Bloomberg News, I will enjoy knowing that my grill was born where I was. And I hope we both last another 50 years! Best wishes for continued success! Jon Bascom

I was born in 1966 and grew up in the Tulsa OK area and my Dad cooked on a Hasty Bake for as long as I can remember. When I got my first place in 1991 after I moved to the Atlanta area he gave me a Hasty Bake and I entertained many a friend and neighbor cooking on that grill. When my wife and I married in 2000 he upgraded us to a legacy grill as a wedding gift. We drove back from Tulsa with that grill in the bed of our truck and arrived home at 1:00 am. I assembled that grill at 2:00 in the morning and was cooking on it the next day. We have had that Hasty Bake for 11 years and it is still going strong. I love my Hasty Bake! As a matter of fact, I am smoking some baby backs on it as I type this testimonial. I have had many compliments on it and have built a special place on my deck especially for it. Thanks so much for the many years of cooking enjoyment I have gotten from my Hasty Bakes! Sean Conrey, Marietta

My dad bought a Hasty-Bake in 1961 when we moved to the west San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. We have many great memories of smoked turkey at Thanksgiving and numerous bar-b-ques with family, friends and clients. We smoked with many types of wood along with home grown herbs like roemary, thyme ande oregano. I'm sad to report that the hinge on the firebox finally rusted through. I cooked my last batch of pork ribs last night for the family and my three very hungry nephews. Thank you Hasty-bake for a such a wellmade stout American product and all the wonderful memories. PS i will be purchasing a new Hasty-bake with my up coming pay check! Paul Paul Hacker, Bakersfield , CA

In 1954 My Grandfather went to the World Fair and saw the revolutionary Hasty Bake grill. He realized instantly that this grill was indeed the latest in grilling technology. This grill supplied my mother's family with literally hundreds of outstandingly cooked backyard meals. At some point in the Seventies or Eighties this grill was passed down to my mother and father. It then met with a new backyard, and a new era of backyard grilling. As a kid I watched my father repeat the ritual of heating the coals and grilling the meat through countless Fourth of July dinners and midsummer parties. At some point I grew up, moved away, and completely forgot about the Hasty Bake. Then, when my father sent it on it's way several years later, I wasn't around to notice. Now here I am, 37 years old, visiting my aunt and uncle in Jackson Hole Wyoming, and I find the very Hasty Bake grill, more than fifty years later. Apparently when my father decided to send it on its way, my uncle had just finished building a house looking out onto the Tetons, and he had not yet bought a grill. So here I am, about to eat some good grilled meaties off of the same darn grill that mystified me as a five year old. I certainly can't complain. Despite this grill and this heritage, I am not much of a griller. I never really got into the whole mistique of charring hunks of flesh for hours over coals. But one thing I can say, is that this grill was built quite very really well. The thing has worked just perfectly for half a century. The science is tested and true. The product is decent. If you ar thinking of buying one, keep in mind that it may out live you, and some day, some grandchild may be writing (or whatever it is they do in the future) a testimonial about a simple machine that does its one job well, grilling food to wonderful perfection. My uncle is about to cook up burgers and grillers as my dad excitedly interjects his advice. Scott Douglass, Jackson Hole Wyoming

In 1949 my father bought a Hasty Bake grill and gave it to my grandparents as an anniversary gift, this grill has prepared thousands of perfectly cooked meals over it's lifetime and is still in excellent condition, thanks to the quality of construction and regular cleaning by all of us. The grill has passed from grandparents to my parents and now on to one of my brothers; it still looks great, cooks superbly and is a real testament to the genius of Grant Hasting's design and true American quality that has withstood the test of time. K, N. Campbell III, Big Pine Key, Florida

My dad had one and then he passed it down to me. This grill is over 30 plus years old. It has seen many BBQ's and smoking turkeys. IT IS STILL RUNNING STRONG. THANKS FOR AN AWESOME PRODUCT. Monica and Phil Ramos, Thornton,CO

I have nearly a whole pallet of Hasty Bake lump charcoal and it's the greatest!!!! Trevis Schroeder, Lincoln Nebraska

My grandfather Curran used to know the Hasty family and we have always had a Hasty Bake around. Currently, my favorite thing to make is wood fired clam pizza (no red sauce). Only olive oil, garlic, and white cheese. Some pecan wood chips give it a nice smoky flavor. John Cummings, Montana

I didn't know anything but a hasty bake until I was about 10 - it's all my family had or ever used for everything that needed grilled or smoked. I just acquired the family's old one and cannot wait to refurbish it and make it my own!! Thanks Tulsa and Hasty Bake!! Adrienne, Tulsa

I am a long time outdoor cooking and smoking fan, but until recently last fall, I had never heard of a Hasty-Bake. While jogging in my neighborhood, Chestnut Hill, MA, I noticed a grill placed for trash pick-up in front of a large house undergoing extensive renovation. As I got closer, I realized that it was not what I expected-a gas grill, and I noted the Hasty Bake label. Returning home, I Googled Hasty Bake, and realized what I had found. Returning with a dubious spouse and Volvo wagon, we loading the Gourmet model into the car and drove it home. During the following few months, I restored some peeling paint, and rusted mechanism. I fired her up this summer for grilling, and recently hot smoked two twenty pound turkeys, and a duck (all at once) for Thanksgiving. The Hasty Bake grill is, by far, the best grill I have ever used. With careful adjustment, the range of cooking techniques is unsurpassed, and the end results have made it (not me) a hero in my family. It is also a very cool unit, and very rare in these parts. If locals knew how a Hasty Bake cooks, and how much fun it is to use, this would not long be the case. Knowing what I now know, I would even buy one. Thanks for making a terrific product. George Cole, Chestnut Hill, MA

We received our first Hastey-Bake for a wedding present 45 years ago and are now on our third H-B. They have gone from Tulsa to Philideldelpia to Honolulu to New your City and never stopped being the very best in the world. Fixed Salmon only last night. Thank you Tulsa and Hasty-Bake. You've made our lives so much better that we had both of you. Pat and Warren Moore F Warren Moore, Williamsbrg, Va

I helped my dad put together our Hasty Bake in 1956. It is now 2009 and my wife just planked a Salmon on it tonight. Other than two sets of tires and a couple of cans of spray paint it is original. It has been in four states and traveled 2,400 miles. Met a Tulsa based chef last weekend and he told me what a treasure it was. He promised to come back to Utah and cook a gourmet meal this winter. Mike Washington, Park City, UT

When living in MN in 1991-92 I worked for a Tulsa based company and my boss was a local OK boy. When at his house he took me out to show me his Legacy and bragged all day about it and the fact his father had one since he was a boy....probably something from the 50s. Anyway I ended up spending 10 years living in Tulsa and before I left I told my wife I would own a Legacy. Anyway-have had it for 6 years now-absolutely love it, have perfected the low and slow -don't trust the built in thermometer regardless of how good it should be- and am now going to build in a Hastings. I figure the Legacy will go into storage at the farm along with the OK Joe's Smoker (who needs it now!) for my kids to use. These are true legacy items, hand me downs from generation to generation. The ability to recondition them is an awesome benefit-who could ask for more from a grill Dick Gearhart, Geneva, IL

First tasted smoked foods on a used legacy Hasty-Bake in 1979 bought at an estate sale for $25.00. Years later a friend purchased a legacy Hasty-Bake for $5.00 at at garage sale then another one for $15.00. I've seen smoking newbies cook on them and turn out great smoked meats their first attempt. They are great smokers and very easy to use for anyone that enjoys smoke/grill meats or veggies, no kiddin!! Kent, Kansas

Cleaned out my grandparents house found the hasty-bake 414 never assembled in the basement. Please send me you favorite recipe. almcvey@verizon.net Adam McVey, Illinois

My Father purchased his first Hasty-bake grill in 1960, he used it for all sorts of grilling. Chicken, beef, pork lamb, sweet corn, and baked potatos, were his favorites. Neighbors were so impressed, two of them bought their own Hasty-bake ovens! Later, in 1969, he purchased two more ovens, another free standing grill and a built in unit. One of those ovens is still working and at my Mother's home. Around 6 years ago, I found Hasty-Bake on a search engine and was delighted I could purchase my own. We have the Gourmet 257, and literally have grilled thousands of pounds of meat, mostly pork, and everyone just raves about the flavor of the meat. I love it cause that oven can stay at 225 to 250 for over 14 hours on about 14 pounds of charcoal. The best slow cooker period. A few years ago, we cooked six full pork loins on that grill! Not a problem for the old 257! Thank you for building such a quality product for so many years! Happy Grilling! Clif Reynolds, Indiana

My father dug an old Hasty-Bake smoker out of a brush and junk pile at an abandoned house. We cleaned it up and fired it up. It smokes at 325 degrees and grills perfect. You would never know it had been at the bottom of a brush pile for more than 10 years. Billy Huggins, Tulsa

It was June 2007, in Oklahoma City, and I was in town from Wakeman, Ohio for 4 weeks of training. June is the perfect garage sale time in OKC and thats how I spent my weekends. One of many that I had stopped at one Saturday morning, I was chatting with the old fella about this and that. I noticed the grill he was sellin, he wanted $10. My challange was not to pay asking price for anything so I pulled $5 out and offered it to him, he took it and we went back to talking about Catfishing. I had the best time with this grill. Every weekend I slow cooked Briskets and chicken through the week. My fellow students and I ate like kings! I noticed that the grill was a Hasty-Bake but thought nothing of it. I was, however, very pleased to see a stamped plate on the unit reflecting a serial number (i think) and "Tulsa", Made in America! Nice to see! My class finally came to an end and I loaded all of the garage sale junk I picked up for the 16 hour drive back to Wakeman. I was in love with my new used grill so I cleaned it up as best I could. Removed the legs and found it a home in my trunk. 2 days that thing sat in my trunk! I seriously considered converting to vegetarianism when I got home, the thought or smell of Smoked meat sickened me!!! But I soon got over that. I am so thankfull that I found that grill at that garage sale. Easily the best $5 I've ever spent. From your site, I figure that it is some older version of your Suburban model. The grate is old but functional, the grease rail thing is an enigma to me (have never seen it). Your company makes an outstanding grill. I love mine and look forward to my next trip to OKC in hopes of finding some newer parts for it. Hal Adkins, Wakeman, Ohio

I own a $6,000.00 gas grill and a Hasty Bake...Cooked the wife some steaks on the Hasty Bake one night..Now the gas grill is in storage. Nothing cooks like a Hasty Bake...Get your name engraved on it..I did and Love it. Chris

Sadly, I never heard of a Hasty-Bake until moving to Tulsa 2 years ago, despite being on the constant prowl for the better charcoal grill. When I did hear about the Hasty-Bake and it's near cult following, I found the factory/store in Tulsa (yep, just 2 blocks from my house - go figure). It was a Saturday morning (early) and the store wasn't quite open. Not deterred, I saw movement inside and knocked on the door. Not open yet? Not a problem; the young man was happy to see me and invited me right in. I still hadn't seen a Hasty-Bake, but told him what, to me, the ultimate grill should be: Fuel: Charcoal Grill Area: Mammoth Construction: Bomb-Proof Hood: So Big I Can Roast a 25lb. Turkey Unique Features: Just one - a grill that adjust easily above the fire. The young man starts laughing. I say, "That's what I figured. Thanks for your time", and start to turn to leave. He stops me cold saying, "You just described a Hasty-Bake!" Next, he show's me a Hasty-Bake (yep, I finally get to see one). From there the conversation lasts about 2 minutes before my wallet's coming out. A year later...... We grill, bake, smoke 4-5 times a week all year long. My Hasty-Bake has become our primary cooking surface and yep, that too....I've joined the cult. Nothing - and I mean NOTHING - works like a Hasty-Bake. Thanks, Grant, for your wonderful invention! John Wagner, Tulsa

I've had my grill for about 2 months now. Everytime I use it, I love it more. This thing is great. Requires a good bit of attenion, but it cooks some of the best food I've ever eaten. I have been searching for the right charcoal grill for 20 years and have finally found it. Ribs, brisket, boston butt, burgers or whatever, the food comes out great. Randy Clark

Was smoking a pork shoulder, and was about in hour 3 with maybe another two hours to go, when friends who were unexpected rang the door bell, and thought they would stop over for drinks and a small bite to eat. With the size of the grill, I was able to grab some shrimp and bacon out of the freezer, made some quick appetizers and we were good to go. Great job Hasty Bake Alan Parker, Tulsa

I purchased a Fiesta built–in grill over the summer, and have been using it now for nearly 6 months. I have to say that I find the Fiesta fantastic. It not only looks great (we built in a stone foundation and back wall with blue stone tops), it is also the best grill I have ever used. It is very easy to use and allows to perfectly adjust the cooking temperature. I also want to congradulate you for a great customer service. The ordering was very simple and pleasant, and when the grill “disappeared” during shipment, you quickly looked into it and immediately shipped me a replacement. So thank you for a great product and for a great customer focus. These days, it is unfortunately very rare to find such quality! Xavier Lefebvre, Belmont, MA

Great for smoking meat but it makes the best flavored steaks and burgers I have ever had. I love my Hasty Bake, would not own anything else. Greg Griffin, Tulsa OK

I grew up watching my Dad use a Hasty Bake and am on my second Legacy. Recently when I competed in my first ever BBQ Cookoff for a local charity, I borrowed a huge trailer mounted smoker for volume cooking but took my trusty Hasty Bake along. Out of 44 competion teams, we took First Place for Ribs. And I am proud to admit the ribs were cooked for four hours on my 11 year old Legacy. Most of the teams there had never seen a Hasty Bake but a few had "heard or them". Well they know what it is and can do now. Keep up the good work and design. Tim Pregler, Fort Worth, TX

I purchased my painted Legacy in about 1984 at the Home and Garden Show and it has cooked many a pound of meat since. I just purchased a stainless steel model for myself and am shipping my old one to my son in Atlanta. He can't wait to get his hands on my old Hasty Bake! Edd Alexander, Mannford, OK

The benchmark for live fire cooking! I have had three over 30 years live fire cooking...2 Legacy models and 1 suburban. The cooking oportunities are limitless. After using these units for 29 years, I finally read the manual. It's a new world! There is so much more to a "Hasty" than watching my Dad with a highball in one hand and a tin of Gulflite in the other. Read the instructions! Anyway, HastyBake is the best. don eller, tulsa

My husband, baby girl and I moved to Tulas in 1952. A few years later, my husband bought a small Hasty Bake. We enjoyed it so much and as our family grew, we purchased a larger one (like the one pictured in the Oklahoma Today magazine). Several years after a move to Okla. City, we built a new home and installed a gas grill (for convenience).We gave our Hasty Bake to our younger son. Soon, we realized we had sacrificed flavor-so bought another Hasty Bake. Our son used the one we gave him for a number of years. Two years ago he bought one of the newer, larger models with a warming shelf. He is an accomplished "Hasty Bake Chef". He still has the old one-in need of much repair. Our older son has been the the US Air Force for 32 years and they have used many different grills. He wants a Hasty Bake-but Space Command doesn't send you to Oklahoma. I don't believe they are available in CA, Washington D.C., & etc. I've said all of this to say-we are truly Hasty Bake fans. Hasty Bake is the only charcoal cooker we have ever owned. I've often told my husband "We don't need to go to a restaurant for a steak-yours are so much better". Shirley Shelton Shirley Shelton, Oklahoma City, OK

Iwas raised near the original Hasty-Bake manufacturing plant and wanted a Hasty Bake since I was a boy. If you are searching for the perfect grill - the BEST grill on the face of the earth - Hasty Bake is it! These grills LAST FOREVER, they are tremendously EASY TO USE and will do the work for you!!! I have used the stainless Continental for over 5 years and will soon be purchasing the Fiesta (Gourmet) Built-in. Join the Hasty Bake Family and let Richard Alexander and his wonderful staff take care of all your grilling needs. It is true what they say: "Once you try a Hasty Bake you will be a fan for life!" Bill Gordon, Tulsa, Oklahoma

My Grandfather bought a model # 126 in 1956 - the year before I was born. He gave it to me in 1981. He smoked on it for 25 yrs and I have smoked on it for 27 yrs. I just now purchased another Hasty-Bake smoker/grill this past weekend. BUT--- my first grill is NOT in retirement yet! My kids are fighting over who it gets handed down to! We have 4 generations of great memories because of the love of grilling and smokeing thanks to Hasty-Bake! Ron Hayter, Colorado Springs, CO

We may have one of the oldest Hasty-Bake grills around. My husband purchased it in 1958 to celebrate the birth of our son born on his birthday.We have used it constantly ever since and have had to make repairs to keep it going.We are getting ready to retire it as it has finally rusted out and we will be sad to see it go.If we had the money spent on foods cooked on this grill the past 50 years, we would be rich! Ada Helms, Checotah, OK (Lake Eufaula)

Grill, bake or smoke. Hast Bake's do it all and the flavor is without a doubt unbeatable! Kevin Henry, Naples, FL

Tom Brokaw was so right when he made claim to Hasty Bake being "The Cadilac of Grills". I will agree with that statement bar none. What is even better is there staff of people that take care of business. There customer service is what makes them outstanding. You have a problem they come and fix it, no questions asked. Keep it up Larry Schreier, tulsa, ok

My only regret was waiting 25 years to purchase my Legacy model Hasty Bake. It was instant success on my first cookout. While being an avid outdoor cook for years, the taste of the foods and ease of use of your grills is simply outstanding. There is a reason why this oven is the king. Frank Morris, Tulsa

I am so excited to try my new old hasty-bake. My father smoked and grilled on one when I was a child. I have seen a few since. I am Naming her Vera Mae and trying a brisket tomorrow. Wish me luck. Debby Kerlin, Tulsa , Ok

Hi! After using my Hasty Bake Model 413R, for 38 years (I mean using it consistantly) I know it is the BEST ALL AROUND combination Charcoal Grill, Smoker & Baking unit made. I received it from my Wife & Son, for Fathers Day. I have used many other types & brands, both charcoal & UGH gas, they don't hold a candle to Hasty Bake Arne Miller

We live in Walla Walla, WA Bought Hastybake grill about 1957 took it to Alaska back to Walla Walla 1980. The cast iron grill broke up overlaid with heavy wire mesh. Has a flat tire. We use it frequently and would never trade it for a gas grill. I would say it was very well built. Thought you might find this interesting. John Chapman, Walla Walla, Wa

I have been a Hasty Baker since 1984, when my brother in law gave me one for a wedding present. I am on my second oven now and would like to thank you for making my grilling a never fail proposition. Bill Gladstone

Your ovens are legendary in my old home town of K.C. I have been trying for years to find a distributor in Florida and finally found one not 30 minutes from where I work in Lakeland FL. Can't wait to visit. Thanks for a great site! Will Dougherty

Our friends and family continue to rave over our hamburgers and steaks as the "best they ever had" cooked on our Hasty Bake that was purchased in the late 1960's by my past parents who lived in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and handed the Hasty Bake down to us in 1995. It is a family heirloom and will be passed on as well. UNBELIEVABLE QUALITY, Thanks Hasty Bake!!! Larry Chandler, Magnolia, Texas

I first learned about Hasty-Bake as a young boy while watching my father cook on one. Since then, I've owned several Hasty-Bake models including the Suburban and Portable. It's time for me to upgrade my current Hasty-Bake, so you know I'll go with either the Legacy or Gourmet since I don't have a built-in area for grilling. I've tried other brands, including gas over the years, but kept coming back to the best! John Wilkinson, Tulsa, OK

The most versatile charcoal cooking system on the market. scott