Charcoal Grills

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Charcoal grill enthusiasts have trusted Hasty-Bake to manufacture the highest quality charcoal grills for grilling, smoking, and baking since 1948. Some say Hasty-Bake was the original backyard charcoal grill, but what we do know is that it's the best backyard charcoal grill.

Made in the USA
From the full-size Legacy and Gourmet ovens, to the smaller Suburban and Continental models, each Hasty-Bake gives you the unique ability to grill, bake and smoke---all on the same unit! We also offer the built-in models, Fiesta 270 and the Hastings 290, for your outdoor kitchen/entertaining space and a couple smaller traveling units, the Portable 369 and the Ranger 380, for grilling, baking, and/or smoking on-the-go.