How This Unassuming Tulsa Made Grill Became a Chef Favorite

by Jennifer Caudle

Read below the Southern Living Hasty-Bake article. 

It might not look like much, but the Hasty-Bake packs some serious heat. And in Tulsa, where barbecue ranks up there with Jesus, no other grill will do.

“I bought one and never looked back,” Nick Parsons, the owner of Forge Barbecue Co. and the Tulsa Barbecue School, told Eater.

The innovative charcoal grill, which Eater describes as “easy enough for novices but particularly appealing for outdoor cooking nerds” is a cult favorite among chefs and backyard grillers alike.

With zero relation to Easy-Bake ovens, Hasty-Bake grills have been manufactured in Tulsa since 1948. They’re the brainchild of World War II vet Grant Hastings, who spent his years in the military dreaming up the perfect grill. The Hasty-Bake allows users to smoke, grill, or even bake all in the same machine, switching back and forth between them as needed.

First among the features that set the Hasty-Bake apart is the side door. This allows easy access to the charcoal tray, enabling the cook to feed the fire without having to move the meat. The second is the adjustability of the charcoal tray, which is vertically mobile so grillers can bring the heat all the way up for quick sears, and then down for smoking at low-temperatures.

“You don’t have any of the inconveniences of a charcoal grill,” Parsons told Eater.

Another huge plus? They’re designed to last forever.

“It’s basically a huge charcoal oven,” added Tulsa native Joel Bien, who uses a Hasty-Bake on his food truck Oklahoma Rub. “You can do whatever you want with it.”

At Tulsa's beloved Burn Co. BBQ, Adam Myers even built their entire kitchen around a T-shaped arrangement of more than a dozen of Hasty-Bakes in lieu of a professional smoker.


by Jennifer Caudle