(3 Bags) Hasty-Bake Hardwood Charcoal (45lbs) NEW Smaller Size**

New smaller and efficient bag*** Each bag is now 15lbs! Easy to lift, carry, and store. Happy grilling!! 
Hasty-Bake Hardwood Charcoal is 100% charred hardwood made primarily from oak and hickory. Easy to light, this key ingredient for Hasty-Bake cooking contains no fillers or chemical additives. Hardwood charcoal burns hotter and gives foods great campfire flavor, and will have you cooking in 10-15 minutes without lighter fluid. 

Charcoal Features: 

  • 100 % pure charred hardwood 
  • Chemical free 
  • Natural chunk form good old-fashioned campfire flavor 
  • Lights without charcoal lighter fluid 
  • Burns hotter 
  • Environmentally friendly 

How is hardwood lump charcoal different from other chemically enhanced types of charcoal? 

Generally speaking, manufacturers grind small pieces of natural charcoal (not necessarily hardwood) to face powder consistency. Then they mix it with 60% fillers (i.e., sand, straw, etc.). It is bound together with a petroleum coating to hold its form. It takes so long to turn a gray ash color because you must first burn off the chemical coating. Using lighter fluid adds one more chemical to your cooking process. 

How is natural charcoal made? 

All our charcoal is made from Ozark hardwoods, primarily oak and hickory. These low-resin hardwoods have long been recognized for their superior charcoal. They produce a very dense charcoal that burns cleanly and gives a high amount of energy for its weight. 

The wood is stacked in large steel ovens where the temperature inside rises to approximately 900 degrees, which cooks the liquors out of the wood. The wood becomes carbonized creating natural hardwood charcoal. 

How do I start my Hasty-Bake Hardwood Charcoal? 

You can start your Hasty-Bake charcoal a number of ways. Our favorite process is to use Hasty-Bake Firegel, which is an alcohol-based gel that leaves behind no fumes or bad tastes that you would get from lighter fluid. Hasty-Bake Fire Gel provides a solid flame for 7 to 9 minutes.  If you own a Hasty-Bake, squeeze a baseball size (in diameter) amount onto the ash pan (underneath the charcoal), lower the charcoal firebox to approximately 1 inch above the flame and let your charcoal light naturally!  See how to "Light Your Hasty-Bake".  


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
The best charcoal

Hasty Bake makes the best charcoal. Pretty uniform size considering this is hardwood charcoal. Not too many useless tiny charcoal chips or crushed up dust. No sparking. I’ve tried many other brands and always come back to Hasty Bake.


(3 Bags) Hasty-Bake Hardwood Charcoal (45lbs) NEW Smaller Size**

hasty bake charcoal

good product and I got free delivery of all the accessories when I ordered our Legacy 131.


The charcoal is everything I thought it would be

Better than expected

Burns hot, sticks around and adds fantastic pit flavor.

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