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Michael Smith
Hasty Bake is Awesome!

I’m 75 years old and up until a year ago I’ve had every type of outdoor cooker out there. In the last few months I bough a Hasty Bake.
I bought one, knowing it was going to outlast me, but I will be going out with the Best. I’m just sorry I have wasted 60 years of cooking on junk when I could have been cooking on a Hasty Bake!!!!! Mike Smith

Paul Spector
Just Starting Out

Got my 357 Pro a few days ago. Assembly was minor and went smoothly. Spent a couple of hours getting it set up and figuring out how everything worked. Only used once so far--a rib eye steak. It came out perfectly. Grease channel took off most of the grease. GrillGrate was easy to clean--fit in the kitchen sink and it took only a minute or two to clean with a little soap and scratchy pad.

Dominique Kuschel
Hast Bake Grill Lifter



Hasty Bake Grill Lifter

Wayne Dimirsky
Works well

This item works well but is not made out of stainless steel. It's plated steel and I have several that the plating is coming off. HB replaced them for me and confirmed that they are not SS but they still say SS in the description. They need to fix their description.