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Michael Dunbar
Rotisserie Purchase

Excellent product! Made of quality Material. Already used it to cook a Chicken on my Legacy Grill.

Harvey Cole
Rotisserie kit

I found the rotisserie very nice ,I don’t have to take the grills off to use it on my Hasty Bake and I have cooked several chickens so far can’t wait to try something else.

Pam Dose
Nice Large Rotisserie Kit!

Large Rotisserie Kit looks nice! We were concerned when it arrived in its shipping box as the carrier pretty much destroyed the box it was in. I would suggest that you put packing materials in the shipping box as there was none and it was just flying around inside its box. All is well fortunately. Looking forward to pressing it into service soon!

Tim L
Amazing choice!

This is our third Hasty Bake grill, and there is a reason. These grills are amazing and well worth the money. We wanted a rotisserie this time and man....what a jewel! We use all three of our HB grills for different styles of cooking and they never disappoint! Remember, cooking on a Hasty makes it tasty!

Miller Williams
30 Year hasty Baker

Love our new Hasty Bake! It was was a present to ouselves. Got a Rotisserie with this one. Works well. Need to have Rotisserie instructions and recipes on the HB website. -Miller Williams