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Lyndon Wells
Parts replacement is easy and convenient

Replacing parts has allowed me to extend the life of my Hasty Bake grill, but the powder coated portion of the grill is rusting and will soon render the grill unusable.

Great call on replacing the parts, Lyndon! By sanding the rust spots down, then sealing with high temp paint, you'll get the most life out of your grill. Rust can be prevented from the get-go by keeping the grill clean of ash regularly, covering it in inclimate weather, and allowing it to vent when the weather is warm, eliminating moisture and humidity inside the grill. With proper care we routinely see our powdercoat models last multiple decades.

William B Norton
Repairs for worn out parts

Everything I ordered was as described; perfect fits. Grill is almost 35 years old and still working great. I love this grill and so do my grilling friends. The offered to buy it from me and I said NO.

Michael Barker

Hasty-Bake Warming Grill

Mary Jane Gilman

Hasty-Bake is a great company. They make it easy to reorder parts and they came so quickly.