Tel-Tru Thermometer: Hasty Bake Replacement: Legacy/ Ranger, Suburban, and Hastings

Upgrade your Hasty-Bake Hastings, Legacy,  Ranger, and Suburban Thermometer to our new Hasty-Bake and Tel-Tru Co-Branded Thermometer

This is a replacement/upgrade thermometer for the hood of your Hasty-Bake Charcoal Grill. It measures 2" in diameter with a 1/2" diameter x 2.13" stem.

Models Only: 290 and 290C Hastings, 131 and 132 Legacy, 414 and 415 Suburban, and 380 Ranger  

Please Note: If your grill was made before 1988, you will need the optional backplate. Please choose the backplate below. 

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