Charcoal Grills

Who Makes Large Charcoal Grills?

Small, portable grills definitely have their uses, but when you’re getting ready to entertain a crowd you need access to large charcoal grills that can hold enough food to satisfy a house full of hungry guests. At Hasty-Bake, we make spacious grills that can hold everything from several platters’ worth of perfectly charred vegetables to the right amount of chicken or ribs necessary to send everyone home happy.

Choose from cart models that can be rolled across your patio or opt for your choice of built-in grills that will serve as a stunning centerpiece to your outdoor kitchen. Look for dual fireboxes with individual controls so you can simultaneously cook with both direct and indirect heat (useful for keeping burgers warm as you sear off a second batch) and a rollback hood that ensures you can use the entire surface of your grate for maximum efficiency. For more information on our large grills, check out this list of Hasty-Bake features.

What is the Best Brand of Charcoal Grills?

The best charcoal grills are reliable, made with stellar materials, and crafted with the end user’s experience in mind. . We use heavy-gauge stainless steel for a hardier result that stands up to years of dinner parties and Friday night BBQs, and the grills’ innate weather resistance means that they’ll need little to no maintenance.

Other models include warming racks and bi-fold doors for easy access and even more culinary options. The bottom line is this: from pack-and-go units you can take camping to large charcoal grills that make hosting a true pleasure, we offer a full line of products sure to satisfy your appetite for quality. Check out our testimonials to see what our current customers have to say.

What Are the Benefits to Buying Hasty Bake Charcoal Grills?

We’re a big fan of charcoal grills in general (more on that in a minute) but we believe that our one-of-a-kind designs make Hasty Bake the best choice on the market.

Being able to control heat while using your Hasty Bake ovens and stainless steel grills means that you can grill to your heart’s content even when things like the outside temperature, humidity level, and wind threaten to damper your day.  All of these signature characteristics also lend themselves to consistent smoking and baking, so you can roast salmon over apple chips or use cherry wood to make your duck sing.

Interested in learning more? Check out our FAQ.

Is It Better to Cook on Gas or Charcoal Grills?

If you start researching grills, you’ll quickly discover that there are people who love to cook with gas and those who won’t touch anything but charcoal. At Hasty Bake, we’re firmly in the charcoal camp for several reasons. The biggest is that while gas grills light quickly and are convenient for fast cooking at high temperatures, charcoal-burning grills are far more versatile. The ability to bake and smoke transforms our grills into masterful multitaskers. You also won’t get the flair-ups that commonly happen with gas grills as our models have integrated fire boxes and grease drainage systems. If you use hardwood charcoal, which is our recommendation, you can be cooking in as little as 10 to 15 minutes and you don’t even need any lighter fluid.

Perhaps most importantly, charcoal grills infuse food with a natural smoky flavor that is unbelievably delicious – and isn’t flavor what great grilling is all about? Discover the magic of charcoal for yourself when you bring home one of our grills for sale.