Grill with Charcoal

How Do I Grill with Charcoal?

If it’s your first time trying to grill with charcoal instead of gas, you’re probably more anxious than you need to be. Some people find it daunting to work with charcoal grills but once you actually go through the process you’ll be amazed at how easy, convenient, and effective charcoal grilling can really be.

The first step is to learn how to prepare your grill for cooking. We recommend using hardwood charcoal which you can then light using our Firelighters without the need for lighter fluid. Fill half of your fire box with your charcoal, then, once the coals have reached your desired heat level, you can spread them around as desired.

Once you’ve mastered these techniques you can move onto more important lessons like learning how long to grill a steak (4-5 minutes on each side will give you a beautiful medium-rare) and trying your hand at smoking and baking.

For more help, watch our video guide on how to light your Hasty-Bake grill.

Does Briquette Type Matter When I Grill with Charcoal?

There are a great many debates over what type of fuel source is best when you choose to grill with charcoal, but at Hasty-Bake we’re big fans of hardwood charcoal. Also called lump charcoal, this form of fuel is often considered the purist because it’s made simply by burning wood while it’s not exposed to oxygen. As a result, the final product has no extra chemicals or additives, it burns faster, the fire it produces is often hotter, and once you’re done grilling the used charcoal leaves relatively little ash.

Briquettes, on the other hand, are known for being a bit more affordable and they can be very easy to find, however it’s hard to know exactly what you’re getting. That can make for an inconsistent product that is hard to use with confidence. Some people also find that the by-products added to briquettes give off an off-putting chemical smell.

For more answers to common grilling questions, browse through our FAQ.

Where Can I Find Tips on How to Grill with Charcoal?

Learning how to grill with charcoal only takes a little bit of effort up front and the rewards are monumental. Once you get in the rhythm of topping off your charcoal, lighting the grill, and spreading the heat around to the desired areas, you’ll be able to cook for your whole family without breaking a sweat. In fact, one of the best thing about grilling is that it’s not as labor intensive or distracting as constantly manning a four-burner stove, especially since you can be outside with your guests while you’re doing it.

At Hasty-Bake, we’re helping our customers master the charcoal grilling learning curve by providing how-to guides that showcase our grill anatomy in detail. By getting to know your grill, you’ll understand how each element works and how you can use those components to your advantage while cooking. Start your pre-grilling studies by watching our videos.

Can I Use a Smoker to Grill with Charcoal?

You can’t necessarily use all smokers to grill with charcoal but you can use Hasty-Bake’s charcoal grills to smoke! One of reasons our charcoal ovens are so popular is that they’re incredibly versatile. You can grill, bake, and smoke your way to unique menus full of everything from smoked macaroni and cheese to turmeric roasted carrots to toasted angel food cake topped with grilled peaches. That kind of versatility is priceless and you’re only as limited as your imagination – and the awesome array of ideas you can find on the internet, of course.

One of the best ways to learn everything from how to cook ribs on the grill to smoking an entire fresh salmon is to read through our list of recipes.