Repairing your Hasty-Bake

We understand that many of our grills are passed down from generation to generation and we are here to help you preserve those fond grilling memories!

What You Need to Know About Repairing Your Well Used Hasty-Bake Grill:

  • Throughout the year,  we honor a trade-in value of 20% off any new Hasty-Bake for any old Hasty-Bake, no matter the condition.
  • Shipping for used grills to showroom and shipping of new grill will be added on to the final prices for customers that require shipping. Offer not combined with any other discounts or promotions.
  • Minor grill repairs can be performed throughout the entire year, but lead times may vary depending on the time of year.
  • To preserve the integrity of our products, we DO NOT patch holes in the metal on your Hasty-Bake. 
  • We repair Hasty-Bake Charcoal Ovens at our facilities in Tulsa, Oklahoma. You may bring the grill into our store for a quote or have the grill shipped to us for a quote and repairs. If you live out of town, SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED in cost for any repair work done to your grill. It is your responsibility to have the grill boxed and safely shipped to our warehouse. You are also responsible for the shipping charges to return the repaired grill back to you.
  • During the repair process, cleaning services are not provided.  We simply freshen up the areas that need to be worked on in order repair an area on your grill.  Please do not expect your grill to come back spotless... BESIDES, you don't want your seasoning that you've worked so hard to accumulate to be wiped away!
  • As a courtesy, we ask that you clean all of the ashes out of your grill before bringing it in for a quote. You may also keep any parts at home that do not need to be repaired and/or replaced.  Ash removal cleaning fees may be added to your quote in the form of labor charges should it be necessary.
  • Re-powder coating is no longer available.  We recommend purchasing high-temperature paint and sanding down the areas that need to be re-painted.  This will help keep your grill from rusting any further.  Be careful when sanding not to be too abrasive.  
  • Lead times generally range from 2-6 weeks from the time of quote to the time available for pick up depending on the extensiveness of your project.  
  • Hasty-Bake will contact you as soon as your grill is available for pick-up.  
  • Repairs are executed on a first-come, first-served basis.  

Just need replacement parts?  Head on over to the replacement parts page to check out which parts you need to get your grill working like new!