Repairing your Hasty Bake

A Hasty Bake purchase is sure to bring you decades of enjoyment and memories. We want to help you preserve those memories by offering user-friendly replacement parts to keep your grill in the family for generations. While we don’t offer full grill refurbishing, we make a wide-range of replacement parts available so your grill is always in working order.

It's very important that you measure the dimensions before ordering a part. If your grill was made before 1988 your dimensions may be slightly different. We don't have replacement parts available for grills prior to 1988. 

We offer the following standard replacement parts available for purchase in-store and online:

Grill Grates, warming grill racks, grease drip rods, grease cup holders, lift mechanisms, fireboxes, firebox grates, ashpans, wheels, axels, front and side tables, crank handles, hood handles, heat shields, thermometers, badges, firedoor handles, and high temperature stove paint.

In addition, if you are refurbishing a Hasty Bake yourself, you can contact us to purchase:

  • New bases
  • New hoods
  • Ash pan rails
  • Hood hinges

*an appointment and rate of $60/hr (minimum 1 hr) will apply to anyone wanting hinges, hoods or bases riveted onto existing grills. Ash pan rails are available, but are a customer-installed part only.

A note about lift mechanisms: our lifts are easy to replace, and instructions are included with your purchase, along with a step-by-step video on our YouTube page. If you do not have the tools or the ability to replace the lift mechanism yourself, you can schedule a time to drop your grill off and have us install it for you for a cost of $60 plus parts. Lead times on a lift replacement range from 2-6 weeks and are first-come, first-served.

In the event that your grill is a bit too far gone, we offer 20% off the MSRP of a new grill when you bring your old grill in to trade, regardless of the condition. Offer is valid locally only and cannot be combined with sale prices or other offers.