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Austin Roberts
They don’t make them like this anymore

I have a high-end Backwoods competition smoker that I’ve used and enjoyed for years, and used a nice propane grill that lasted a few years. When my propane grill died, I decided to get the Hasty Bake Gourmet Pro 259. It is easy to use and the food I cook on it is more delicious than anything I’ve cooked on other grills or smokers. It is a lot of fun to cook on…I’m always looking forward to my next cook and the family loves to see me firing it up. Easy to clean and maintain. Outstanding build quality. I expect it will last me the rest of my life. I’m putting my competition smoker up for sale and using the Hasty Bake from now on.

Shadwick Newkirk
Very Nice

Love the door design and temperature consistency

Greg Sundberg
Fantastic Grill - substandard shipping

The grill is phenomenal, but the packing for shipping was atrocious! A two-slat pallet with only two bands to secure the grill. The pallet was in splinters and the grill sideways to the point that the FedEx driver wanted to us to send it back as a damaged item. I have a suspicion that the poor packing led to the 1-week delay in delivery due to “shipment difficulties in the Portland rail yard. I have no idea how they moved such a damaged pallet from rail car to truck. I guess a testament to the burly nature of this grill is that after we peeled away some of the wrapping and transferred it to another pallet to get it unloaded there was no apparent damage. So far it has done huli-huli chicken and a 6lb King Salmon fillet to mouthwatering perfection. Great grill but up your packing and shipping game!!

Wayde Heigel
My Third Hasty Bake

The Gourmet Pro 259 exceeded expectations. And as always the quality is exceptional as was the customer service.

Vincent Staudenmyer
The best charcoal grill to be had in the world!

I have used Hasty Bake for decades now. I traded up to the SS version of the same grill I have used for many years. My son-in-law was very grateful to purchase the original from me, as I introduced him to Hasty Bake several years ago. The SS version is a serious upgrade, especially the door design. And it’s Made in America!!! Vince Staudenmyer