Hasty-Bake Crank Handle or Pull Chain


This is a replacement crank handle or pull chain for your Hasty-Bake grill. The crank handle or pull chain is located on the left hand side of the grill and it is used to raise and lower the firebox. The crank handle is made of a 3/8"-12 Acme (wide) thread. The pull chain (not pictured) consists of a stainless chain and a red ball handle that only works with the Ranger Grill.

Note: If your grill was made before 1988 your crank threads may be slightly different. If your crank threads are different, then you will need to replace your lift mechanism as well as the crank.
Note: The Ranger Pull Chain only fits a 2010 model and newer.
Note: If your Hasty-Bake is pre 1988 please call in to special order your  crank handle

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