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The price for what this product is used for is too steep. Also I cannot get it to sit well on my Grill Grates. I also got it stuck in my grates and it was hard to remove, especially when I use it to get a meat to temp with the fire going below it. Furthermore the website did not even allow the use of my SCA discount code when I purchased this online. It is well made and will last for a long time. The product arrived in the specified time and in good condition. The quality material, name brand and sturdiness keep me from giving a review under three stars but I should’ve purchased an alternative for cheaper but will never have to get one again because this one will last a lifetime probably.

Christopher Hansen
Almost great

While the product is very good for what it is, the edges everywhere that they did cut outs are quite sharp. Have to really be careful not to slide the steak on it, or cover it with aluminum foil like I do, or it will tear the meat. Those edges will tear your gloves too.

Christopher - thanks so much for you feedback. We did have a run of extenders that had edges that seemed sharper than normal. We've since taken to timesaving (metal sanding) every one so that all the edges are removed. If yours still has sharp edges, please let us know and we'd be happy to replace it for you! Thanks for your business!

Jamie Boyle

Excellent product, was excited how quickly it came and how well it works.

bryan davis

SCA Grill Extender

Keith Gums
Grill extender

Great for finishing steaks after searing without ruining grill marks