Small Hasty Bake Cutting Board (fits Continental/Suburban)

Each board is hand-crafted by hand out of Kansas cherry and pecan hardwoods.  The grease channel is designed to trap juices and keep grease from spilling onto the floor during carving.  One side of the board has no grease drain or logo and the other side has the logo and grease drain.  Our thought was for you to be able to bring out raw food on one side, then flip the board to the side with the grease drain during cook process and pull the cooked meat off of your grill, carve, and serve.  

For your convenience, small notches have been carved out to create handles to allow for easier transport.  At an inch and a half thick, these boards are heavy duty and with the right care, can last a lifetime!

Order online, over the phone, or in-store.

Size:  9" x 21" x 1.5"

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