Hasty-Bake Heat Deflector


This is a replacement Heat Deflector for your Hasty-Bake grill. The heat deflector sits on top of the lift mechanism/firebox and is used to smoke food with indirect heat. It's very important that you measure the dimensions before ordering a part. If your grill was made before 1988 your dimensions may be slightly different. 

  • Large Galvannealed Heat Deflector for: 131 Powder-coated Legacy & 256 Dual Finish Gourmet. Measures 14" X 14 1/2" - Part #2510-G181
  • Small Galvannealed Heat Deflector for: 414 Powder-coated Suburban & 83 Dual Finish Continental. Measures 11" X 11 3/4" - Part #8540-G181
  • Large Stainless Heat Deflector for: 132 Stainless Legacy & 257 Stainless Gourmet. Measures 14" X 14 1/2" - Part #2100-S181
  • Small Stainless Heat Deflector for: 415 Stainless Suburban & 84 Stainless Continental. Measures 11" X 11 3/4" - Part #8400-S181
  • Built-In Stainless Heat Deflector for: 270 Stainless Fiesta. This is a lower profile heat deflector to fit this particular model. Measures 14" X 14 1/2" - Part #2000-S181
  • Built-In Stainless Heat Deflector for: 290 Stainless Hastings. Measures 14 3/4" X 18". Please Note: If you are replacing both heat deflectors, you will need to order 2 of these parts. - Part #290-10
  • Stainless Heat Deflector for: 369 Stainless Portable. Measures 7 1/2" X 10 1/2". Please Note: This is for a Portable made in 1998 or newer. - Part #368-1116E
  • Stainless Heat Deflector for: 380 Stainless Ranger. Measures 10" x 11 5/8". - Part #6600.8G181 (2010 to Present)

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Customer Reviews

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Great Grills, Service, and Parts

Real happy with every aspect of my Hasty Bake Grill and the Customer Service Dept. I have ordered Charcoal and Charcoal Starter as well as various other parts that have all arrived in perfect condition. Go Hasty bake you will not be disappointed

Hasty-Bake Parts order

Had excellent experience, everything was as ordered

SS Heat Deflector

Excellent product. If you are trying to decide between the SS and the standard. Get the stainless. Seem much more durable.

Stainless Steel Hasty-Bake Heat Deflector

I purchased this to replace the original deflector. The Stainless Steel is much thicker and feels heavy duty, which is great. I'm hoping the Stainless Steel will hold up better too.

Heat Deflector

Quick service, reasonable price, quality product. As usual.

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