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Robert Lee

Legacy 131

Donald Beineman
My first one worked great for 15+years. So I bought another!

I have a pellet grill as well but the HB is my go to for day to day grilling.

G.O.A.T. Grill

I love this grill. While smoking, it will hold a rock steady temp with almost no human intervention required. It lights fast, cooks great, burns coals efficiently, and is a joy to use. It's so precise and effortless. Once you get the technique figured out this grill is absolutely unstoppable. I have been inspired to tell all my friends and family about the virility and prowess of this incredible device, probably more than they have wanted me to. I want to make sweet, smoky love to the Legacy 131. I want to put a flame-retardant mattress down, snuggle close in the sensual glow of the coals, and Hasty Bake my baby batter inside those 18-gauge powder coated walls. I want to buy a 357 Pro and get spit-roasted between the two with the optional rotisserie accessory. I want to impregnate that Legacy 131 and make little HB250s who will one day grow up and carry on my name.

Old crusty GRiZ
Cooking and chopping

Only been able to use it twice being 71 years old and disabled I am not getting around to cooking very much have to take a day off afterwards but I really am enjoying this unit so thank you

Bill McIntyre
Legacy 131

This is my first HB grill and I'm sold! Have only done 3 cooks so far, 2 reverse sear and 1 chicken cook. The grill is perfect for reverse sear. Even though I added some gasket material around the fire door, keeping a low and slow 225*-250* has been near impossible. I have a dedicated smoker so that's not really a problem.