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John Powell
Built like a Tank!

Just received and set it up. I had the 131 back in the 80s so I know it will cook great.

J Marvin Honeycutt

Grandfather purchased a Hasty Bake in the 70’s and I remember he was so proud of the purchase. He used it all the time. His decision was a great one and so was mine when I purchased my Legacy 132 a couple of weeks ago. Also, the Hasty Bake videos enhance my enjoyment and use of the grill.

Dave Garroway

I’m Greg not Dave. Get back to me in a month when I can succeed in baking slow cooking and grilling. Actually grilling is not a problem. This is very different from my last grill. Much to learn to win.

The Legacy Continues

I bought the new Legacy 132 in stainless steel for my Dad to replace his old, old, OLD Legacy (back before they even called them Legacy), he's had it for 30+ years and bought it second-hand at the time. I learned to cook on his old Legacy and have been cooking on it for over 25 years. About 10 or so years ago I bought all the replacement parts and rebuilt the inside of it for him, it has served him well since then, but I thought it was time for an upgrade. He bought me my first Legacy as a wedding gift and after 15 years I'm about to rebuild mine on the inside as well. We're BIG Hasty Bake fans and have brought others into the fold over the years, it's a great product and for us, a family tradition! My Dad broke in the new one this past weekend with brisket/burnt ends, two pork butts/pulled pork, and three slabs of babybacks, everything turned out amazing!
The HB Legacy is a great unit that is extremely versatile, allowing you the ability to cook a variety of foods using different methods with the adjustable firebox. Having cooked on both, I believe the stainless steel model regulates heat a little easier and more consistently than the powder coated, but both are great models, can't say enough good things about our Hasty Bake rigs!

John Kirkpatrick
The Besr!

Bought this for my son - Rave reviews.