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Juan Arjona
The best Grill

Love the Grill
Fun to use
These is a Cadillac of the grills

Paul Spector
Just Starting Out

Got my 357 Pro a few days ago. Assembly was minor and went smoothly. Spent a couple of hours getting it set up and figuring out how everything worked. Only used once so far--a rib eye steak. It came out perfectly. Grease channel took off most of the grease. GrillGrate was easy to clean--fit in the kitchen sink and it took only a minute or two to clean with a little soap and scratchy pad. Some fine ash dust was easily wiped off the grill with a wet paper towel. Love the grill so far--well worth the several month wait for it to get back into production..

Rob Sulllivan
Great product with some concerns

The 357 works great. I’ve used it for smoking ribs and grilling chicken, it’s a step up from my Legacy powder coated model! I did notice cosmetic marks from welding located all over the model; I’ve seen several stainless models and have never noticed this, I hope this is not a reflection of craftsmanship. I also didn’t receive the stainless steel trays (2) as noted on site, they have replaced these with a bigger heat deflector. I was bummed because it noted 2 trays on a rail system, not true. When I emailed to inquire, I was told the model went through an upgrade in summer, I mentioned I was disapointed the website did not reflect this. I’ve used HB for over 11 years and hope this is a blip on the radar. For the money I spent, I would of expected some swag for customer satisfaction.

Bill Dickey
357 Pro Received But Yet To Be Unboxed

I have been traveling on business and have not been able to unbox. I am home now till after Christmas and plan to unbox tomorrow and excited about sending her on her maiden voyage!

Joseph Lukens

Grill is great!
Your website needs improvement.