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Thomas Folger
A Family Tradition

My first memory of Hasty Bake was as a young boy in Kansas around 12 years old when my Dad received a Legacy as a gift from a client of his…this would have been around 1956, I believe. I still remember the great ribs he used to make, they were his specialty. He proudly used this grill until about 1965 when he passed it on to me. I used it until about 1972 and I finally replaced it with another new Legacy. Here we are in 2021 and I just received my 4th Legacy. Not bad considering 4 grills over a 65 year period and I think is a great testament to the quality and performance of Hasty Bake products. I’ve tried others over the years but none compare to the Hasty Bake and the memories of my Dad grilling his ribs in the back yard all those years ago. Thanks Hasty Bake!

Tom Folger

Warren Hemm
Sent as a Gift

A good friend stepped up to totally take care of my temporary living arrangements while I am undergoing cancer radiation treatment in another city. I sent him the Legacy 131 to thank him. He had noticed mine on his last visit. He received it in a short two weeks and has just finished putting it together for it’s initial cook this weekend. He is excited. Thank you HB for helping me thank him.

Paul Hearn
New To Hasty Bake

This is my first Hasty Bake. Honestly, I’d never even heard of Hasty Bake until recently. But after doing my research I bought a Legacy. So far I’ve burned it in a couple of times and cooked on it only once. But I’m excited to get to know this grill and I look forward to many good meals to come. I love the adjustable firebox and the build quality is excellent. Shipping was quick and efficient. Little assembly required. Can’t wait to smoke a turkey on this thing. But I.l probably sear a couple of steaks first.

Robert Lee

Legacy 131

Donald Beineman
My first one worked great for 15+years. So I bought another!

I have a pellet grill as well but the HB is my go to for day to day grilling.