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Grill is great!
Your website needs improvement.

This is it

I've had my 357 Pro for several months now, and have had the opportunity to smoke, bake, sear, and rotisserie. It truly does it all and does it well. The double wall construction is the key to its consistency in turning out great food. You can maintain temperature in a very narrow range for hours on end without constant adjustment. And in January we have 40 or more degree swings in temperature in a single day due to our altitude.
I have had different smokers and charcoal grills in the last 40 years. My only regret is that I waited so long to own this perfect cooking machine. Don't wait!

Amazing Grill

I grew up in the 1950’s with a Hasty Bake grill in the family. Have had 3 other of their various grills over many years. Decided it was time for the one and done and so came about the purchase of the 357.

It is an incredible grill !!! Have cooked ribs, rotisserie chicken, chicken thighs, pork butt, steaks and just finished off a prime rib for Christmas dinner. Can’t wait to try the rotisserie basket. I think who ever came up with this device probably had a hand in making the Rubik’s cube😃

I highly recommend this grill. So easy to cook on, so much flexibility, lots of space and the best company to do business with. You can’t go wrong with this Hasty Bake grill.

The Best Of The Best

This is my 3rd Hasty Bake grill I’ve purchased over many years. The 357 Pro is a cooker’s dream machine……..

Awesome grill

Grill is exactly what I was looking for. Already used it a dozen times in as many days. Shipping was quick and construction is of the upmost quality.