Hasty-Bake Lift Mechanism


This is a replacement Lift Mechanism for your Hasty-Bake grill. The lift mechanism is the unit that raises and lowers the firebox to allow you to grill, bake, or smoke. This includes the lift bracket, arms, channel, indicator needle (except for the 270 and 290 models), and all necessary hardware to attach the lift mechanism to the grill. It's very important that you measure the dimensions before ordering a part. If your grill was made before 1988 your dimensions may be slightly different.

  • Large Galvannealed Lift Mechanism for: 131 Powder-coated Legacy & 256 Dual Finish Gourmet - Part #2510-3
  • Small Galvannealed Lift Mechanism for: 414 Powder-coated Suburban & 83 Dual Finish Continental - Part #8540-3
  • Large Stainless Lift Mechanism for: 132 Stainless Legacy & 257 Stainless Gourmet - Part #2100-3
  • Small Stainless Lift Mechanism for: 415 Stainless Suburban & 84 Stainless Continental - Part #8400-3
  • Built-In Stainless Lift Mechanism for: 270 Stainless Fiesta - Part #2700-3
  • Built-In Stainless Lift Mechanism for: 290 Stainless Hastings. Please Note: If you are replacing both lift mechanisms, you will need to order two of these items. - Part #290L
  • 380 Stainless Lift Mechanism for: 380 Stainless Ranger (2010 to Present. Lift includes the chain lift, arms, and channel). - Part #6600.3 
  • 369 Portable: This unit does not require a lift mechanism.

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